Colin Lo
Todo List
August, 2022

This Todo List stores your task inside your browswer with different tags!

1. Adding Task

Add tasks to keep track of your progress!

2. Completed and Uncompleted Task

Tick the checkbox to set the completed and uncompleted task!

3. Deleting Task

Added a wrong task? No worries, you can just delete it easily!

4. Editing Task

Got a typo? Nevermind, you can quickly edit the task!

5. Home and Work Tag

Want to set categories for each task? You can add "Home" and/or "Work" tag to your task!

6. Filter Task

You can filter the task based on their categories!

7. Saving to Local Storage

Accidentially closed the tab? No worries, the tasks are saved automatically, your notes will still be there after reopening the tab.

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