Colin Lo
Sales System
December, 2022

This a group project which we made a Sales System program to emulate real life transactions.

We first design the data schema for the sales system, then we implemented a sales system for a computer part store so that all information about transactions, computer parts and salespersons is stored. The system supports interactive inquiries from users. The system uses Java JDBC API and MySQL database system.

1. Administrator
  1. Create table schemas in the database
  2. Delete table schemas in the database
  3. Load data from a dataset
  4. Show the content of a specified table
2. Manager
  1. List all salespersons in ascending or descending order of years of experience
  2. Count the number of transaction records of each salesperson within a given range on years of experience
  3. Sort and list the manufacturers in descending order of total sales value
  4. Show the N most popular parts
3. Salesperson
  1. Search for Parts
  2. Perform Transaction
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