Colin Lo
Notes App
July, 2022

A web app that store your notes in your browser!

1. Searching Notes

You may type in the search bar to filter out your notes!

2. Dark Mode

You may press the Toggle Mode to switch between light and dark mode.

3. Adding and Deleting Notes

Type and save it or press the trash can to delete it!

4. Recently Delete

You can restore your recently deleted notes, or even delete them forever!

5. Reset Notes

Don't like what you just typed? You can reset it by pressing the Reset button!

6. Delete All Notes

Want to throw away all your notes? Delete All is here for you.

7. Saving to Local Storage

Accidentially closed the tab? No worries, the notes are saved automatically, your notes will still be there after reopening the tab.

8. Mobile and Desktop Support

Got a smaller screen? No problem, we got you covered. The note appearance and functions are also optimized for mobile users.

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