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Job Listing
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September, 2023

The Green Project, where I use Vue.js, Spring Boot and Mongo DB as the tech stack of this project.

Hirers are able to submit job requirements to the website with desired skills and job description. Job Seekers are able to view jobs with corresponding job titles and requirements.

I am still currently working on it!
Stay tuned!

  1. Submit Job Listings

    1. Job Title
    2. Job Description
    3. Job Skills
    4. Years of Experience
  2. View Job Listings

    1. Filter By Keywords
    2. Filter By Job Skills
  3. User Login

    1. Additoinal features for login users
    2. Unlogged in user cannot call any API
Technical Details
  1. Vuex
    1. State management for the entire application
  2. JWT Token
    1. Backend will generate a JWT Token every time the user login, and store it in Cookie
    2. Frontend will look for the JWT Token in Cookie, verify and login the user if it is valid.
the world of computer science is like the world of handcrafts.
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